What is the Value of IT Support in Business?

The value of IT support in business in this fast-paced and technology dominated world of business, the welfare of your IT systems are integral to ensure the continuity of your company. IT support is a necessity unless in-house staff are capable of providing such support.

These systems allow your business to:

  • Share data and communicate, without interrupting work flow.
  • Provide secure access to finance systems.
  • Process accounting systems and store management information, or use bespoke products catered to your needs.
  • Access portals for updates, targets and news from manufactures.
  • It even assists your staff, allowing them to perform more effectively.

In a recent survey constructed by an industry magazine called System Contractor News, it was discovered that the commercial integration business value quality technical support over any other vendor provided service by a vote of 3:1. This expresses the importance of quality IT Support to businesses, resulting in many companies searching for reliable, and outsourced IT support to do anything from disaster recovery solutions, to anti-virus software!

HOW important is quality IT Support in Business?

money in bin Firstly, your IT support should run seamlessly to reduce the risk of any major IT disaster.

But what if something goes wrong and your business is at a complete stand still for even just a day. How much will that cost you? How much are you going to lose? What if it’s longer that just one day?

For example, if your system is down for a whole working day, your company will lose an entire days turnover, which you will never get back! Downtime is a common reason we provide car dealership IT support.

The amount of money that your business loses could be astronomical if you do not have sufficient IT Support in place and an effective business continuity process!

What factors of service in business IT support should I be focusing on?

It is of great importance that your business IT Support ticks all the boxes, in terms of, speed, reliability, trust, creativity, quality of service and cost.

I didn’t know you could do THAT!

Creativity is key! This expresses first and foremost that they are passionate about their work, and enthusiastic to work with your business by perhaps introducing you to technology that you may be unaware of, which could result in massive savings in man power, or even more efficient methods of dealing with your own clients, increasing profits for your business.

They MUST be reliable!

Always make sure that they are a reliable company, which in the event of a huge IT disaster, will respond quickly and effectively to prevent long periods of downtime which could have detrimental effects on your profits. Instant IT support is often a vital asset if the worst should occur.

Who am I speaking to NOW?

Everyone wants to call their provider and speak to the technician they spoke to previously, they do not want to end up speaking to every Tom, Dick and Harry before eventually speaking to the correct person!


Therefore, it is much more beneficial to be working with a company that has an efficient customer relations system in place, so they are up to date with your requirements.

In addition, the data stored will present the name of the previous technician who assisted you, who you have built a personal relationship with, so you can be transferred to them rather than having to start afresh with someone else.


Evaluating the price will typically be your first thought, but remember, the true value of an IT help service to your business is not the cost, but the added value!


take into account the quality of service that an outsourced service could provide and consider the level of care you are receiving. In short, never forget that your IT systems are the core infrastructure of your business and the quality of care for it is essential!

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