The Office is Over?

No, we aren’t speaking about the popular British sitcom from the early 2000’s!

During these difficult times, many of us have been obliged to leave our usual working environment and conduct our day-to-day tasks from the comfort of our own homes.

This has provided many UK workers with a unique insight into their preferences of working conditions, whether it be working in the typical office environment or working from home.

During the last few weeks, we at Computer Systems Engineers Ltd have been conducting research to discover whether office workers that have been working remotely from home during these difficult times would prefer to do so permanently, or if they prefer working in the office as usual.

We created a poll on our website with three possible options which visitors could vote for:

  • Office Working.
  • Working from Home.
  • A bit of both.

We would like to thank all of those who took part, and as IT support professionals; even WE were surprised by the results!

The results were as follows:

  • Office Working: 28.2%
  • Working from Home: 30.8%
  • A bit of both: 41%

What does this information tell us?

With ‘Office Working’ scoring lowest, and ‘A bit of both’ scoring highest, it is evident that business owners may want to take a look at their typical working practises.

Those of you who have followed us throughout the Covid-19 pandemic will be aware that we have been looking into the pros and cons of working from home and perhaps some of these factors can be applied to the surprising result.


So let’s remind ourselves what some of the pros of working from home are.



Perhaps in contrast to the beliefs of a lot of employers, most surveys which have been conducted indicate business owners noticed an increase in productivity within their business after the introduction of remote working. The flexibility that remote working provides, means staff can set up their very own office at home, void of distractions, with their own comforts and surroundings, giving them a far more positive mental attitude towards work!


Typically, this is a BIG benefit to employers and employees alike!

Commuting can be the bane of many of our lives, with travel delays causing lateness and even absenteeism in businesses all over the world!

Thankfully, even if businesses introduce part-time remote working into their workplace, this can reduce downtime dramatically, and employers might find that remote workers are more inclined to start their day early due to lack of commuting – and as they won’t be rushing to make a train at the end of the day, they may well be happy to stay an extra five minutes to finish off any tasks!

Think of the money saving benefits too!

So, what are the cons of working from home?



Face-to-face interaction is generally lost, and there’s no substitute for this during some activities, especially those more collaborative in nature. Video conferencing can sometimes offset this, but it’s not a perfect replacement. Feeling like a cohesive team is more difficult.


It becomes hard to monitor how they work, or their deliverables. The degree of procrastination is something that can spiral of out control. Depending on the type of role you hire for; it is important to know how you are going to monitor their status.

Accountability: It’s very hard to hold a remote team accountable. Remote teams require more micromanagement to ensure they are on the right track.


What can we at CSE do for businesses?


The research we have conducted clearly indicates that it is important for businesses to be able to allow their staff to work from home from time to time, not only during the current climate, but perhaps as a way of moving forward within the business.

We at CSE can ensure that businesses are capable of providing flexibility within the workplace, meaning all team members are able to work from home or in the office when necessary.

Our next article will be exploring a service we can provide our customers, known as ‘Hot Desking’ which is a hugely beneficial service to businesses during these uncertain times – Remember, we aren’t out of the woods yet!

If you would like to talk to us more about remote working capabilities, please give us a call on: 01444 238070.