How to Keep Safe Online

Security is always at the forefront of IT technicians minds – and we are always evolving and learning the best ways to keep you safe online at all times. Fraudsters will find new ways to steal your identity and personal files, so keeping yourself in the know is important too.

Always update your PC

Microsoft release updates regularly and within these updates come important improvements to your security. These updates are really crucial to staying one step ahead of fraudsters activity and movements. If you are always bothered by the times your PC decides to update, you are able to choose a more suitable time to let your PC apply and install the updates. Just ask your IT technician how to do this.

… But don’t forget your smartphones and tablets!

Keeping your PC updated is one thing, but keeping your smartphones and tablets updated is just as important. You use your phone and tablet every day, you have personal data on them – keeping them updated is important to keeping your data under lock and key.

Make Strong Passwords

Having a password that is easy to guess is a big security risk to your personal data. Setting your password to your birthday, pets name, family name, or even just ‘password’ is a huge risk for yourself, so using a mixture of symbols, numbers and capital letters is a sure way to make sure you have a strong password to keep your data safe.

The importance of keeping your devices updated should be crucial to your business and personal life. Updating your devices locks down your personal files and folders away from hackers and viruses. To go a little further in keeping your files private is to encrypt them. Some devices have a way to encrypt folders or files which means that if you do have a data breach, your files will be unreadable to others. This is something that is an optional step, but if you’re worried, there’s no harm in asking your IT technician about encryption.

We understand that these tips are something that you may find irritating or even inconvenient, but they are important for keeping you safe online. Making sure your passwords are complicated makes it much harder for people to get your data. If you need advice on device security, give us a call.

We want you to be able to browse online with confidence knowing that your personal information is as safe as possible. If you want to know learn more about protecting yourself online, or any of the business IT support that we offer, give us a call on 01444 238070 and we will be happy to help.