4 Things You Can Do To Help Your IT Technicians

Your IT Helpdesk team are quite often hailed as your personal heroes when your computer breaks or you need urgent technical assistance. But sometimes, we need your help with fixing issues too. So keep reading to see what you can do to help your IT Helpdesk run efficiently.

1. Take A Note of Your Error Codes
We see a lot of people call in with issues concerning the “Blue Screen of Death” or BSOD. These errors can happen randomly and without warning. But taking down the error code that appears and giving that to your technician can really help us out. It means we know exactly what the problem is and makes the whole repair a lot quicker. Taking a picture on your mobile phone and sending it to us helps us out a lot.

2. Crashing Software/Programs
Picture this scene, you’re sat at your desk, writing a really important word document that you can’t afford to lose. Suddenly, it crashes and an error message pops up. Don’t panic! Take a screenshot and send it to your IT Helpdesk. You can use the print screen button to take a screenshot of the whole screen, or using the ALT + Print Screen command will take a screenshot of the active dialog box, rather than the whole screen. Again, doing this can help you out by giving us an insight into what happened, why it happened and how to fix it quickly so you are able to carry on working.

3. Spam/Scam Emails
These emails are really common. Users may find out that their email has been sending messages to people without their consent or you’re receiving a lot more emails pressuring you to send money. These emails can scare people and they will often think that they have been hacked. But, scam emails like this can be useful for us techies to see so we know what to look out for in the future. We can also make sure that your PC and emails are secure. If you’re unsure of whether an email is spam or genuine, you should always double check with your IT team who will be able to help you out.

4. Passwords
Most of the time, your IT team can help you with passwords – but there are certain ones that we cannot reset for you, such as your Apple ID or Play Store ID. We can certainly talk you through resetting, but it is always handy to keep them safely stored just incase you need them.

These things listed will really help out your technicians out when fixing your issues and can speed up the repair time. If you want to know learn more about our IT Helpdesk services, or any of the business IT support that we offer, give us a call on 01444 238070 and we will be happy to help.