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Or Remote Working

When we talk about mobile computing we are not talking about the provision of mobile phones. We are talking about using computer technology whilst out of the office.

This could be while travelling on business, working from home, or to reduce the size of the office and cut costs. It is also about how external computing communicates with the main office. Remote computing can easily be accomplished with the use of smart phones, laptops, desktops and tablets.

Mobile computing or Smart working can be a very effective tool when staff are prevented from leaving home, perhaps due to bad weather, (snow, floods, hurricanes etc), or strikes within the transport or school sectors.  It can also be very useful for sales teams who are on the move and need to keep in constant touch with the office.

Remote working is no longer exclusive to hi-tech industries. New technological advances mean that the many benefits of working in multiple locations are now recognised among mainstream businesses. 

Remote working can lower overheads and operating costs, improving productivity and staff retention, and enhancing work-life balance, in addition to reducing the environmental impact of your business.

There are combinations of technologies that can be employed to provide the computer infrastructure which will enable this to be an effective tool for your business.