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Losing your data is much easier to prevent than it is to cure — CSE offer comprehensive Data Backup Services and Business IT Support Services in Burgess Hill, Sussex, in order to keep your business ticking and avoid major interruptions. If you don't know where to begin, we can help!

Do you back up your data? How effective are your Data Backup Services?

Data Backup Services are a proactive method of preventing the problems that reactive IT Support often can't resolve. In the event of a failure affecting your business critical systems, you rely totally on your backup for data or system recovery.

It is very common for backups to be needed in the event of user error. Perhaps the user has accidentally deleted a file, edited it incorrectly, or lost it.  As this can be a regular occurrence, data backup is absolutely imperative, and many would perceive that in the event of a complete system failure they are covered by their current procedure. However, this is only correct up to a point!

How covered are you in the event of a complete system failure ?

Do you know how long it may take for a full recovery? 

Have you tested your recovery process to ensure you are adequately covered?

It is without doubt that backups are essential but it is equally important to decide what type of backup you require by assessing the risk to your business and the length of downtime you could survive.

Do you have a robust Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity process in operation?

Assuming a classic backup process of a rolling backup, it would take around five days to order, install and retrieve your data onto a new server in the event of a complete disaster.

Would this amount of time be acceptable to you?

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